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Begrüßungsabend des 11. Europäischen Holzwerkstoff-Symposiums 2018 | Foto: P. Lux, Hamburg


Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2022

17:00 Uhr Registrierung

19:30 Uhr Welcome-Party im Grand Foyer des Grand Elysée Hotels Hamburg auf Einladung unserer Aussteller/Sponsoren.


Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2022

7:30 Uhr Registrierung

8:30 bis 18:30 Uhr Fachvorträge im großen Tagungssaal des Grand Elysée Hotels

  Session I | Keynotes Chair: Clive Pinnington (EPF)
8:30 Bo Kasal and
Kris Wijnendaele
Fraunhofer WKI / European Panel Federation EPF Welcome and Opening
8:45 Michael Pollmann Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg Greetings
9:00 Martin Brettenthaler Chairman of EPF / CEO Swiss Krono Group (CH) Global development of the Wood-based Panel Industry with special regard to the Russia-Ukraine-Conflict
9:30 Edi Snaidero Präsident der European Furniture Industries Confederation EFIC Current and future developments in the  furniture industry and collaboration with wood-based panels suppliers
10:00 Jori Ringman Generaldirektor Confederation of European Paper Industries CEPI Three ways we can mitigate climate change;  how to grow this climate impact of the forest-based industries?
10:30 Coffee Break    
  Session II | Product Flows Chair: Harald Schwab (Fraunhofer WKI)
11:15 Martin Langen B+L Marktdaten, Bonn (D) European Construction Industry in Change - Outlook for New Construction and Renovation until 2024
12:00 Matthias Dieter Thünen-Institut für Waldwirtschaft, Hamburg (D) Wood Market Analysis
12:30 Goran Schmidt AFRY Management Consulting (Deutschland) GmbH (D) More sustainability, less raw materials - how the panel industry can cope with changing sourcing conditions and new regulations
13:00 Uwe Kies InnovaWood (BE) Towards EU Green Deal and Circular Economy goals though an innovative research, industry and trade union partnership: the  Wood4Bauhaus Alliance


13:30 Lunch Break

  Session III | Material Chair: Dirk Berthold (Fraunhofer WKI)
15:00 David Türp BASF SE, Ludwigshafen (D) Sustainable Chemistry For A Sustainable Industry
15:30 Manfred Dunky Xylo Technologies AG, Niederteufen (CH) Chemistry in Wood-based panels: actual situation, achievements, and challenges
16:00 Fabian Meinker Hywax GmbH, Hamburg (D) Hydrophobic agents in the wood-based panel industry - wax dispersions as hydrophobic agents
16:30 Coffee Break    
  Session IV | Process Technology Chair: Alen Bukvić (Hywax)
17:15 Emma Pates Metalube, Manchester (UK) Evaluating chain and belt oil lubricants; the relevance of test data from lab to field
17:45 Yves-Marc Schade Stela Laxhuber, Massing (D) New technology in panel board production: Low-temperature belt dryer for PB or OSB drying
18:15 Allessandro Guercio Turboden SpA, Brescia (I) Application of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and Industrial Heat Pump for energy efficiency and CO2 reduction in WBP industry


ab 19:30 Uhr Abendempfang auf Einladung der Fa. Hywax GmbH für registrierte Teilnehmer
20:00 Uhr Welcome Speech


Freitag, 14. Oktober 2022

8:30 Uhr Registrierung

9:00 bis 14:00 Uhr Fachvorträge im großen Tagungssaal des Grand Elysée Hotels

  Session V | Requirements Chair: Rainer Marutzky (iVTH)
9:00 Tunga Salthammer Fraunhofer WKI, Braunschweig (D) A critical review of the TVOC value
9:30 Manuel Fleisch Fagus-GreCon, Alfeld (D) How Laser Spectroscopy Can Make an Innovative Contribution to Optimizing HCHO Emission Testing in Factory Production Control
10:00 Bettina Meyer Fraunhofer WKI, Braunschweig (D) WKI calculation model 2.0 - Formaldehyde emission of particleboards
10:30 Rainer Marutzky Meine (D) National and European Requirements for VOC Emissions from Construction Products: Current State of Art for Wood-based Panels
11:00 Carsten Aßhoff / Tobias Krenn / Christoph 
Fraunhofer WKI, Braunschweig (D) 3 Doctoral Theses (3 x 5 min)
11:15 Coffee Break and Poster Session    
  Session VI | Developments Chair: Kris Wijnendaele (EPF)
12:00 Heiko Thömen Wood Composite Simulations GmbH, Evilard (CH) The State-of-the-art of Computer Simulations in the Wood-based Panel Industry
12:30 Peter Nilges APOS GmbH, Wedel (D) 3 new systems for process monitoring in wood-based materials production using continuous spectroscopic inline measurement
13:00 Martin Direske Institut für Holztechnologie IHD Dresden (D) Combination of convection and microwave drying to increase the drying and energy efficiency of cement-bonded particleboard (CBPB)
13:30 Martin Benfer Karlsruher Institut für Technologie KIT (D) Towards intelligent and sovereign use of data – Optimising wood-based panel production via data exchange along the supply chain
14:00 Bo Kasal and Kris Wijnendaele Fraunhofer WKI / EPF Closing words


14:15 Uhr Ende der Veranstaltung und Mittagsimbiss bzw. Lunchpaket nach Wahl.

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Die Vorträge werden in die Sprachen Deutsch und Englisch simultan übersetzt.

Den Tagungsteilnehmern werden die Vortragsfolien sowie die Abstracts in englischer Sprache mit den Tagungsunterlagen zur Verfügung gestellt.